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Ben Weinberg, freelance editor, motion designer, colorist & sandwich lover
Who had the CGI on rye?

All things post. Grilled to perfection.

One of my earliest memories in post production was standing on a DC street corner at the golden hour, transfixed by the majesty of the giant lens flare in the sky. Then my wife explained it was just "the sun."  (To be fair, I have spent over a decade in dark edit suites; "the sun" is not a thing I see often.)


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The Sandwich story


There will always be as-yet-untapped ways to tell a story...

Engaging the audience is all about eliciting that perfect response from the viewer. It might come through pacing and tone. It might come through a timely graphic or moody color grade. It might come from the vaguely gaseous feeling they get after eating too much popcorn. (That one is beyond my control, sorry.) But really, it's about combining all the tools of post production to give the audience an experience they'll remember.

Why Sandwich Post Production, you ask? Because I like sandwiches.

Oh, you meant "Why should I choose Sandwich Post Production?" Well...

• Experience in every genre

In addition to making those political ads that everyone loves, I've cut for narrative, docs, shorts, longs (okay fine, "features"), corporate, commercial & agency (the non-evil kind), non-profits & NGOs, military & government, explainer videos & infographics, music videos, academic & educational, children's programming, PSAs, sizzle reels & pitch trailers, live event coverage, weddings, bar mitzvahs and universal retinal implants. Okay, I made that last one up, but you get the idea.

• As seen on TV (and other places)

I've cut literally hundreds of spots, shows and segments for broadcast TV, as well as for film, theater, live events, web and social. You've no doubt skipped over my work to get to your Youtube video.

• Can work from anywhere

A full edit suite, a mobile system, and the ability to work at client sites or on set. 

• As much supervision as you want

I can help turn that gleam in your eye into a design-y film baby. Or just push buttons while you bark directives at me, Patton-like, from two feet away. Or anything in between. You're welcome to sit in and watch the magic gestate, or just send me the script and I'll call you when it's done.

• No red tape

In fact, no tape of any kind. We're all digital. Unless you want to lay off to tape, I guess.

Questions? Concerns? Want to see more samples?